Rolled and Forged Steel Rings

Rolled and Forged Steel Rings

We are proud to be able to offer rolled and forged rings from a supplier who have produced for almost a century, With a proven track record in this product niche. They strictly control the whole production chain, from melt to the rolling of the rings. For example, to ensure the superior quality of our rings, with the levels of oxygen carefully managed  in the steel to ensure the production of a cleaner steel. Few ring suppliers can match our commitment to consistent quality from delivery to delivery.

As a result of the quality control, manufacturers can simplify their production processes and reduce their costs because the rings are not only predictably consistent from batch to batch, but also easy to process further. We can offer produced profiled rings with very small allowances and tight tolerances close to the final shape of the end product. In addition, our machined rings enable customers to concentrate resources on finishing and/or assembly. Furthermore, we can offer shot blasted rings of diameters up to 4,000 mm and weights up to 5,000 kg.


  • Consistent quality from batch to batch
  • The ability to produce profiled rings close to the final shape of the customer’s end product results in more efficient production and cost savings
  • Machined rings with close tolerances and an even quality level speeds up production and cuts costs by enabling customers to focus on finishing and/or assembly

The dimensional range is Ø 170 to 4,000 mm and the weight range is 7 to 5,000 kg. Forged rings are also supplied up to 3,400 kg.

Advantages of e470 steel tube and hollow bar

Rings can also be heat treated before delivery in a variety of executions such as:
· Normalised
· Soft annealed
· Stress relieved
· Isothermally annealed
· Quenched and tempered