e470 steel tube and hollow bar

e470 Steel & e470 Hollow Bar

High tensile strength, good machinability and weldability.

19MnVS6/280T/X according to EN10267 may with its generous chemical analysis and moderate mechanical requirements host a number of grades.  All variants are microalloyed with vanadium which gives a fine grain size and a good start for excellent toughness. The most frequent usage is as rolled, but all members in the family may be heat-treated in different ways. A heat-treatment will naturally affect the mechanical properties.


The material starts with a yield strength of minimum 400 MPa and finishes at minimum 520 MPa where each variant is carefully balanced to give the desired properties without a wasteful addition of alloying elements. Weldability goes from excellent to good with increasing alloying content and yield strength.

19MnV6* is a micro alloyed steel with high tensile strength, good machinability and weldability.  

e470 steel
Seamless Steel
hollow steel tube

Advantages of e470 steel tube and hollow bar

• Suitable for case carburizing or nitriding

• Good dimensional stability

• Fine-grain treated

• Delivered in as-rolled, normalized or quenched and tempered condition

• Weldable if preheated

280T is our premium variant.
280X is used in the Ovako hollow bar program according to EN10294-1.    

280T & 280X

CEV 0.6maxMin0.170.301.45-0.0200.20--0.080-1.60
Pcm 0.35max
280XCCCEV 0.58maxMin0.160.201.40-0.020---0.080--
Pcm 0.32maxMax0.200.501.700.0200.0400.300.300.080.130--

Heat treatment recommendations

TreatmentConditionTemerature CycleCooling/Quenching
In still air
Stress relieve annealing+SRA550-600°C
In furnace or in still air.
Carburizing+C850-950°C   Carbon potential see diagram
In still air or direct quench
In water
Hardening+QT850-910°C   As-carburized
In oil
Tempering+QT150-200°C    As-carburized

Similar designations

SB280 – 18Mn6, E470, SS2134, 1.5217, 19MnV6