CEAX Precision Ground Bar

CEAX Precision Ground Bar

High tensile strength, good machinability and weldability.

If your requirements are for straightness, surface finish and diameter tolerance are tougher than average, you should be using ground steel bars.

But before you do, make sure that you have selected a supplier with adequate resources. The resources to deliver the right product, with the right tolerances, in the right grade and dimensions, at the right time.

Midland Special Steel has these resources combined with experience. We have, over many years, put a lot of time and effort into researching and supplying centreless ground steel.

CEAX is made from our well respected materials. It is a straighter, rounder bar with finer surface and minimal tolerances. 

Chemical Analysis (average values)

0.180.351.550.0250.110.55 max
*C.E. = % C + % Mn/6 + (% Cu + % Ni)/15 + (% Cr + % Mo + V)/5

Mechanical Properties

Size mmYield Stress
Reh N/mm² min
Ultimate Tensile stress Rm N/mm²Elongation A5 % minHardness HBToughness, KV, Joule, min, Base steel
< 20520650 - 800 12200 - 240No guarantee
20 - 90520650 - 80019200 - 24027 at -20˚ C
> 90 – 125440550 – 700
19180 – 230
27 at -20˚ C
> 125400550 – 700
19180 – 23027 at -20˚ C

Centreless ground bar, CEAX is manufactured in sizes between 20 mm and 150 mm diameter.

For diameters ˂30 mm, the maximum deviation is 0.1 mm/0.5m.
The maximum deviation for larger diameters is 0.1 mm/1.0m.

The out of roundness is maximised at 50% of the diameter tolerance interval.


Please get in touch with us for stock availability and specific sizes.